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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, another pantone surfaces and claims its place as the official 2015 Pantone of the Year. Nature reinvents itself in so many innovative and intriguing ways.
Reminiscent of rich wine, Marsala is a hue that exudes sophistication, an earthly elegance, a soft natural blush, and is universally appealing. This particular shade stands out for its ability to enrich our mind and soul, connecting us to earthly elements, rich and mysterious, warm and seductive. This pantone works remarkably well on all skin and hair colors and may be easily applied to fashion, industrial design, home accessories and interiors.
Marsala is a versatile tone that flatters men and women thanks to its almost wine-kissed effect that adds color and flavour in apparel collections, and can work particularly well in accessories. Ladies should experiment with this warm tone when considering beauty products, ideally in nail polish as well as lip and cheek tint.
When applied to the world of interiors, having natural light in the work or living space is very important as it will bring out the red-earth warmth and tonality. It is a dramatic tone that works well when combined with warm grays, taupes, teal, turquoise green, amber, golden yellow, and vibrant blues. If you’d like to incorporate this color as part of home accessories, designers advise of the two tone principle: use matte finish for an organic feel while added sheen will convey glamour and luxury.
Executive Director at Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, discusses why they chose Marsala as the color of the year in this video and how to use this shade in all areas of design.

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