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DAJ darya is the creative vision born from the memories and experiences of a bright little girl who spent her days being mesmerized by her two grandfathers’ businesses.

This is her story…
In 1963, a Persian gentleman named Roholla closed his luxury fashion textile business in Iran and moved to Tel-Aviv with his wife and five children. Roholla’s two sons began to rebuild the business by selling rolls of fabric that their father had received as payment for a previous debt. Eventually they rebuilt a successful textile business – this time in Israel. As the years went by and their roots in Israel grew deeper, Roholla’s daughter fell in love with the son of Moshe, a Polish jeweller. But their love caused deep controversy within the family. At that time immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe, and immigrants from the Middle East didn’t yet get along in Israel. Yet eventually love prevailed. Roholla and Moshe put aside their differences and their daughter and son were married.

In 1978, Roholla and Moshe welcomed Liat, their first granddaughter. She quickly became the crown jewel of both families. As Liat grew up, she found immense joy in visiting Roholla’s home, where she and her cousins used to play in the basement, which was stacked from floor to ceiling and draped in home textiles from around the world. Her father would regularly take her to visit Moshe’s Jewellery Store in the city center. Son and father would talk business, as little Liat would wander around the store, dazzled by the diamonds and jewellery on display. They would often find her keenly studying Moshe’s latest prototype on his leather-bound, heavy, wooden table in the back of the atelier.

Those early experiences left a deep impression on little Liat. Memories soon turned into picture albums and years later after finishing her university studies of Visual Communication and Business, Liat, an ambitious and passionate young lady, found herself working at the family’s home textile business. She spent 13 years learning the trade and traveling around the world. And while she was learning and growing and exploring … something was missing… the spark of creativity. She decided to give herself some room to experiment and began testing ways to combine fabric and metal to create truly unique jewellry infused with creativity, passion and history. After training as a goldsmith, she perfected her “Fusion Technique” to combine her Eastern European and Middle Eastern roots, allowing herself to pour a piece of her soul into every piece she created. As a true craftsman, today, Liat works on the very same leather-bound, heavy, wooden table that her grandfather Moshe used, fusing the warmth of textile with the coolness of metal to create extraordinary jewellery under the name DAJ darya.​

Our Name

Our name, DAJ darya, is as special as our story. DAJ represents the three pillars of the business – Design, Art, Jewelry. And Darya, a beautiful name young Liat dreamed of naming her first baby. This business is her first baby.

Each piece in the DAJ darya collection is distinct and emanates a presence that is feminine, modern and undeniably sensual.

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