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Hosting on New Year’s Eve? Chef Ariel’s festive and fruity Mojito will help to shake things up and is perfectly coordinate for the holiday spirit.  This cocktail is dressed in colors we love, exudes the flavors of a holiday, and boasts a real party effect. What more does an entertainment empress need?

Serves 4

Basic Ingredients
300 grams ripe strawberries
300 grams ripe kiwi
200 grams of sugar water, in separate cups
2 separate cups of white rum, divided in 2
1 kilo of ice, equally divided in two bowls

For the sugar water
100 grams of sugar 100 ml of water Boil in a pan until dissolved.

In a blender, mix together the strawberries, one cup of white rum, 100 grams of sugar water and half of the ice until it becomes slushy. Repeat with kiwi, adding the remaining half of sugar water, white rum and the ice.  Tip glass to 45 degrees add strawberry slush, followed by the kiwi slush to make a nice design that suits your taste. Decorate with mine leaves and strawberries, either diced on top or attached to the glass.


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